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If you wish to listen again to Writers' Block topics then choose from the schedule below:

1 - Can Anyone Become a Writer?
What skills and tools do you need to become a writer?
2 - Talk the Writing Talk and Walk the Writing Walk!
How to blag your way as a writer!
3 - Writing Courses
All writers must learn their trade, but where and how?
4 - Writing Short Stories
Why short stories are a writer's best friend.
5 - Children's Fiction
How to pen the next Harry Potter!
6 - Creating a 3-D Character
Creating a believable character from scratch.
7 - Travel Writing
How to convert your holidays or travels into a book.
8 - Does My Book Look Big in This?
Editing and slimming down your work to make it leaner and meaner.
9 - Writing Crime Fiction
Fancy yourself as a budding Agatha Christie or PD James?
10 - Writers Can Be Sociable Too
Ways of meeting fellow writers.
11 - I'm a Poet and I Didn't Know It
All about writing poetry.
12 - I remember when...
We're talking autobiographies and memoirs.
13 - Who's Talking to Whom?
A verbal dialogue about written dialogue.
14 - Creating the Right Setting
How to create a believable setting.
15 - The Dreaded Slush Pile
16 - Writing For Radio
17 - Writing Sci-Fi
18 - Writing Poetry For Children
Unfortunately these episodes are not available
19 - Should Writers Self Publish?
Is paying for your book to be printed a good idea?
20 - Writing a Blog
21 - Horror Writing
22 - A Funny Thing Happened on the Way To The Publishers
23 - You Took The Words Right Out of My Book
24 - Literary Fiction
25 - Writing a Film Script
26 - Steven's Top Ten Writing Tips
27 - Spot The Writing Cock-ups!
28 - School's Not Out For Summer
29 - Writing Feature Articles
Unfortunately these episodes are not available
30 - Are You Writing For Business or Pleasure?
How to become a professional writer.
31 - You're Writing What?
Unfortunately this episode is not available
32 - I'm Feeling Miserable
Is life miserable? Then write a misery-lit book.
33 - Look At It From My Point of View
Who is that first/second/third person anyway?
34 - The Writer With No Name
Could you write for others? Then try ghostwriting.
35 - Romance is in the Air
From Mills and Boon love to bonkbuster lust!
36 - Overcoming Writers' Block
Stuck for ideas? Try these fun exercises to get inspired.
37 - Living in a Fantasy World
Fantasy novels sell, but are they easy to write?
38 - Writing a Theatre Play
All luvvies love a good script, but how do we create one?
39 - Fact Can Be Stranger Than Fiction
Unfortunately this episode is not available
40 - Path to Poetry Publication
How does the poetry book market work these days?
41 - What Do You Get a Writer For Christmas?
Gifts every writer would love to get for Christmas?
42 - The Twelve Days of Christmas
Twelve festive writing tips, Writers' Block style!
43 - Writing Events for 2009
Get your diaries out for key writing events in 2009.
44 - Cracking the Children's Market
What are publishers looking for in a children's story?
45 - Writing For Schools
A lesson in how to write for the education market.
46 - Mum-Lit
There are domestic crises galore in this popular genre.
47 - Judging a Book By It's Cover
Marketing a book isn't just about having a fancy cover.
48 - Who Dares Wins
For writers who want to take risks with their writing.
49 - How Not To Approach An Agent
The wrong way to gain an agent's interest!
50 - Writers' Block Roundup
Unfortunately this episode is not available