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Here are a few of my short stories. Hopefully they'll raise a chuckle or two.

Innuendo Un (Ltd)
Schoolboy Richard's work experience week turns out to be rather different than expected. First published in the short story anthology The Archangel and the White Hart this story offers exactly what it says on the tin.

West Falkland's Finest
Sergeant Stibbings comes up with a rather unorthodox approach for protecting the Falkland Islands. First heard at the VWC Open Mic Night 2010 at The Goat in St Albans, the four-legged wit in this short story has our armed forces looking pretty sheepish.

Against The Odds
When Mr and Mrs Odd move next door, Waldo discovers they are even stranger than their name. Winner of the David Gibson Short Story Cup 2010, this is a mirthful tale of misguided prejudice and custard pies.

How (Not) To Become a Children's Author
Writing a children's book is simple. Or is it? Have a look at Steve's tongue-in-cheek guide to find out!